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Your virtual meetings made easy

Free and Easy to use video conferencing straight from your web browser. 

PixelScribe makes virtual meetings easy and secure. Enjoy HD video calls, chat and get a live downloadable transcription of your video calls.

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HD Audio & Video

We use WebRTC technology to provide a direct connection to your peers. So there is no reliance on a "piggy in the middle" server to slow down or delay your video and audio. This helps keep quality high, delivering unparalleled face-to-face presence, with HD video calls and screen sharing - the next best thing to being there.

Easy to Connect

Easily connect with anyone who has a browser. Powerful video conferencing features available without the need to install any additional software. PixelScribe makes it simple by removing software from the equation and letting people use the tool that is built into their favorite devices—the web browser.

Privacy First Calls

By using the power of WebRTC, your video and audio stream is sent directly to the people you are connecting with. This removes any server in the middle from listening in on your calls and keeps your connection private. The browser connection is also protected by SSL and the data is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Audio Transcription

Easily capture transcription of audio in real time and download a copy of the transcription. Whether you need minutes from your virtual meeting, or need a reminder of what was discussed in the meeting, you can reference what was said and by whom.

Virtual Meetings

when and where you want it

PixelScribe provides reliable video calls and virtual meetings anywhere and everywhere you need it. Use the web, a phone or tablet and conduct business meetings, talk with family and friends, whenever and wherever you are.

We use WebRTC technology which means secure connections, privacy, low latency and less connection issues. This means your video calls are more reliable than traditional video conferencing methods.

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